Life is not a movie

Today I had to take my little blue car to have the back drivers side car window replaced, as my husband was mowing the lawn on his ride on mower threw gravel in our front yard and a stone flicked up and it smashed. Well it cost $500 to have the window replaced, he asked me why I was angry. My answer to him was, well the window was smashed 3 days after I had just got my poor car back after being repaired. As a ute had pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go but into the back of him, but the driver kept going so that was a excess of $700 to have her repaired.

So when I drove back home, I went food shopping. I returned home with the food and asked him if he could bring the bread and a bag of kitty litter out of the car as I had already brought 6 bags upstairs and was putting it away. He said he had only just sat down to have a coffee as he has dicided to work from home now, but  was on his IPad when I walked in. He stated that he would go and get it when he had a chance.

long story short, I had to bring all the groceries in and put them away as he was on the phone. Then measuring our verandah to replace a hand rail, then back on the computer and then the iPad again. So I then had to cook dinner as he sat on his iPad again. I am here now watching Dear John by myself thinking, my life could not be a movie and if it was it would be Groundhog Day.


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