Diabetes is my problem


Don’t you hate it when you go to the Dr, and they blame your Diabetes for every thing. “I have a cold” Dr. It’s your Diabetes., ” I have female problems” Dr. it’s your Diabetes ect..

Who knew that diabetes could give you a extremely painful frozen shoulder? Ive had extremely bad pain in my left shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist for a little over 5 months now ( I don’t visit the Dr much, just for me refills). Ive put up with the pain as I have previously had calciferous tendinitis in my right shoulder, but this felt different. Ive also had both my wrists operated on previously, due to carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon problems. Now the left wrist has the tendon poking thru again.

Well I’ve now been told that uncontrolled be sugar levels contribute to encapsulated  (frozen shoulder). The pain is unbearable at times, I am still working. My husband does not understand the pain, I am having problems cooking, cleaning, folding clothes ect.. But work this week will kill me, as I have to lift quiet heavy display tables, and process food for demonstration. I love my job, working with customers showing them the different things a Vitamix can do (this is one of the Great loves of my life #vitamix) other than coffee.

Would I have listened to a Dr if they had told me this could happen? probably not. But don’t you want to kick yourself when you findout that you have contributed to the pain you are now in.


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