Ive had diabetes since 1973, for many that is even before they were born. Ive had to cope with being told by my parents that I was different and made feel that way as well.

Even now the other day actually, my father told me that they (my parents) had to go without because of my diabetes. He also told me that they had to pay so much for insulin. And he had to go without food because of my diabetes, he said he used to come home from work and have to take gloucogon powder in his orange juice, because he was shaking like he was having a hypo. OMG, you had to do without small things to keep your child alive. So sad for them, you see I was always a problem.

I was 2 months premi, and had to have a Tracheostomy and only 4 pound 7oz and was in hospital for a long time.Then diagnosed with diabetes at 7 years old in March of 1973, at the same time my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister. Who was born in August of 73. I spent 3 months in hospital, to be stabilised.

With my first pregnancy I  was recommended to terminate by my specialist due to being only 17 at that time. I did not take his advice, so had to spend 8 months hospitalised.

Now I have 3 adult children, all happy and healthy. I also have 3 grandsons from my eldest child, what more can I ask for. Have we all had to go without something for our children? Is that not a parents job.



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