Diabetes is my problem


Don’t you hate it when you go to the Dr, and they blame your Diabetes for every thing. “I have a cold” Dr. It’s your Diabetes., ” I have female problems” Dr. it’s your Diabetes ect..

Who knew that diabetes could give you a extremely painful frozen shoulder? Ive had extremely bad pain in my left shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist for a little over 5 months now ( I don’t visit the Dr much, just for me refills). Ive put up with the pain as I have previously had calciferous tendinitis in my right shoulder, but this felt different. Ive also had both my wrists operated on previously, due to carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon problems. Now the left wrist has the tendon poking thru again.

Well I’ve now been told that uncontrolled be sugar levels contribute to encapsulated  (frozen shoulder). The pain is unbearable at times, I am still working. My husband does not understand the pain, I am having problems cooking, cleaning, folding clothes ect.. But work this week will kill me, as I have to lift quiet heavy display tables, and process food for demonstration. I love my job, working with customers showing them the different things a Vitamix can do (this is one of the Great loves of my life #vitamix) other than coffee.

Would I have listened to a Dr if they had told me this could happen? probably not. But don’t you want to kick yourself when you findout that you have contributed to the pain you are now in.


Uniquley Diabdee

I bought a new scarf the other day as Autumn weather is on it’s way (even though I have the air con on cooling at the moment). It was a monochrome owl scarf, okay winter is darker colours and drab looking greys, black and navy in my head. So I bought some sharpies, that cost me more that the scarf. I decided I know need some colour in my wardrobe (and life). I wear a lot of scarves in the cool weather as I have arthritis in most of my joints and neck, and the warmth reduces the pain in my neck a little bit..

My husband says why are you colouring in the scarf ? I replied with “because I can”and  “Because I want too” ( in my head I’m saying “why not?”, ” It’s mine and I can”and “I need something to do other than cook, clean and be a mother to him and my father”). But in the real word I never say what I really feel out loud, sometimes I do but it’s under my breath.

Well I finished colouring my scarf tonight, and was talking to my youngest son’s partner. She said that I could use the sharpies I bought to colour in coffee mugs, and then bake them in the oven. The husband says to me, what are you going to start colouring in everything now? OMG, what is this man thinking. He makes me feel a bit useless sometimes. I work as a casual sales demonstrator, and as it is Easter there is no shift at the moment but in two weeks time I will be working three weeks straight as  Mother’s Day is in May and it is the best time to sell. So I thought I would do something to keep my brain active.


Just Me

Okay, I’m sitting in my local coffee shop again. I had to order a luke warm doubleshot latte, hmm not my favorite (I usually have a long black with a bit of cold milk on the side). But due to me getting my tounge pierced 5 days ago, I have been advised to 1. Steer clear of hot drinks, as it will burn inside the the wound (and do I miss the lovely hot blacks i usually drink. 2. Soft bland food as chewing will aggravate the wound, well I’m finding this a problem. I mostly eat healthy foods with crunch and fibre, that means no nuts no grains and no crispy crunchy veg I am literally starving.

The piercing did not hurt at all, the working up the courage to go hurt my head more (as I have Anxiety and Depression, due to a verbal and physical attack a while ago now, at a previous job by a customer). I walked in on Monday to get it done, I was told the piercer would not be it till Wednesday well that was a bit unsettling. So I made the appointment for Wednesday. I went in for my appointment all ready to go, filled in the consent form askes if I have Diabetes (what difference will Diabetes make to a piercing?) I have had my ears x 3, maddona, nose, eyebrow (I can’t wear these as I work with food) and a nipple done. Not one of the previous piercers ever asked about Diabetes. What the hell is my Diabetes going to do when I get pierced? (the problems are usually due to aftercare) I understand the questions, have you eaten today, are you allergic to metals or antiseptic (but none of the allergy questions were asked).

So I then find out that she might not be able to pierce my tounge,as it is very short (my luck) I have a very tight frenulum (the webbing under the tounge). I am not happy hearing this, she then says “I won’t pierce like others do, even though I could use the money in my till. Well Okay. So I sit down the bed (after using a mouth rinse) and she gets all the gear out, then marks my tounge.  She then puts the clap on, then releasing and re clamping (as i previously stated, I have a very short tounge) then pushes the needle thru my tounge. No pain at all (this makes me so happy).

But the annoying problems after have got me angry with myself, did I google the after problems? NO. I did not realise that I would be sucking on ice, to bring down the swelling of my tounge (my tounge is approximately 2 to 3 times it’s normal size) I’m living on Ibrufen, ice cream and anything mush related. Nothing healthy at all. I am having problems drinking from a cup (as your tounge does more things than I thought). Speaking is also a problem (I also have a enormous gag reflex, so  I gag badly in the morning) I worked on the week end, and I am sure my customers though I  had speach impediment.

So this is a “Uniquley Dee” thing,  Just Dee.



Life is not a movie

Today I had to take my little blue car to have the back drivers side car window replaced, as my husband was mowing the lawn on his ride on mower threw gravel in our front yard and a stone flicked up and it smashed. Well it cost $500 to have the window replaced, he asked me why I was angry. My answer to him was, well the window was smashed 3 days after I had just got my poor car back after being repaired. As a ute had pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go but into the back of him, but the driver kept going so that was a excess of $700 to have her repaired.

So when I drove back home, I went food shopping. I returned home with the food and asked him if he could bring the bread and a bag of kitty litter out of the car as I had already brought 6 bags upstairs and was putting it away. He said he had only just sat down to have a coffee as he has dicided to work from home now, but  was on his IPad when I walked in. He stated that he would go and get it when he had a chance.

long story short, I had to bring all the groceries in and put them away as he was on the phone. Then measuring our verandah to replace a hand rail, then back on the computer and then the iPad again. So I then had to cook dinner as he sat on his iPad again. I am here now watching Dear John by myself thinking, my life could not be a movie and if it was it would be Groundhog Day.

About Me

I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1973, since the beginning of urine testing and the dip strips. Since then technology has moved me from the glass syringe, to the disposable syringes, flexpen and now the pump.
I had a really rough childhood with diabetes, in and out of hospital, missed half of 5th class and had no report card for that year.
I also had parents that made me feel as diabetes was all my fault and made me feel different to everyone else.
I have 3 children, having spent 8 months hospitalised due to diabetes and being pregnant as a 17 year old.
Now my oldest child has type 1 diabetes, previously diagnosed with type 2 when she was in her 20’s, she was told that she had got it from me by a General Practitioner.

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