A Uniquley Dee day

I have had times with this diabetes thing, that has picked me out of all the people I know. Some days it’s no problem (not many), other day it just annoys the me to the extreme. Today I go out to pay a few bills (simple task for many), well I didn’t take a bsl this morning and the machine is at home as well. So I don’t know if I’m on the highish or the lowish side, am I tired because I went to bed late or is it because I am low in iron or is it because because because?

Then I think do I get something to eat, well I check my bag for a pen to inject (I have recently given my pump and me a break)  hmm no pen in my bag. Cursing myself and am I good at that, more questions do I eat as it is 1 pm and I have not eaten today and wait till I get home to inject? Do I go without and feel even more tired? This Diabetes is killing my head, after 43 years you think I would have it in control ( as people tell me I have every thing in control) well I don’t.

I need a bigger handbag, I have forgotten I am not able to leave the house without my blood testing machine and insulin, as well as my phone my glasses (seeing and sun) also my purse (at a minimum).My head is hurting now I really need a break from “diabdee” today.