Scientific study explains why you should eat at the right time

Another cause for Diabetes.


When one eats may be as important as what one eats!

istock_000024965109medium The time of day you eat really does make a difference when it comes to health outcomes

Biological clock also known as the circadian clocks are found in living things from bacteria to flies and humans, controls our rhythms of sleep, activity, eating and metabolism. It is like a daily calendar, telling the body what to expect, so it can prepare for the future and operate optimally.

New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and in Germany led by Dr. Gad Asher, which recently appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), suggests that the cells’ power plants – the mitochondria – are highly regulated by the body’s biological, or circadian, clocks. This may help explain why people who sleep and eat out of phase with their circadian clocks are at higher risk…

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Life is not a movie

Today I had to take my little blue car to have the back drivers side car window replaced, as my husband was mowing the lawn on his ride on mower threw gravel in our front yard and a stone flicked up and it smashed. Well it cost $500 to have the window replaced, he asked me why I was angry. My answer to him was, well the window was smashed 3 days after I had just got my poor car back after being repaired. As a ute had pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go but into the back of him, but the driver kept going so that was a excess of $700 to have her repaired.

So when I drove back home, I went food shopping. I returned home with the food and asked him if he could bring the bread and a bag of kitty litter out of the car as I had already brought 6 bags upstairs and was putting it away. He said he had only just sat down to have a coffee as he has dicided to work from home now, but  was on his IPad when I walked in. He stated that he would go and get it when he had a chance.

long story short, I had to bring all the groceries in and put them away as he was on the phone. Then measuring our verandah to replace a hand rail, then back on the computer and then the iPad again. So I then had to cook dinner as he sat on his iPad again. I am here now watching Dear John by myself thinking, my life could not be a movie and if it was it would be Groundhog Day.

About Me

I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1973, since the beginning of urine testing and the dip strips. Since then technology has moved me from the glass syringe, to the disposable syringes, flexpen and now the pump.
I had a really rough childhood with diabetes, in and out of hospital, missed half of 5th class and had no report card for that year.
I also had parents that made me feel as diabetes was all my fault and made me feel different to everyone else.
I have 3 children, having spent 8 months hospitalised due to diabetes and being pregnant as a 17 year old.
Now my oldest child has type 1 diabetes, previously diagnosed with type 2 when she was in her 20’s, she was told that she had got it from me by a General Practitioner.

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